Monday, 18 June 2012

Teddy Bears Picnic

What a wonderful day we have had today. It was our Teddy Bear's Picnic! Thank you to all of the Mums, Dads and Grandparents who sent in outdoor clothing and of course, a Teddy Bear. The day was a big success and the children enjoyed various outdoor activities. We played lots of games, did some outdoor art, made special woodland hats, listened to bear stories and went bug hunting! Of course we made sure that we made plenty of time for our picnic. The children and their bears enjoyed eating healthy Teddy Bear themed snacks and sharing a drink of milk.

I am really looking forward to the 'Animalympics' show tomorrow in school. I will post some pictures onto the blog of the creatures that we meet.
In the mean time, please enjoy these pictures of our Teddys Bears Picnic.

Hunting for Ted.

Playing a memory game.

Intrepid explorers.

Working as a team.

Enjoying some milk and a snack with our bears.

Performing a Teddy Bear song.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Going for Gold!

As our new class topic is 'Olympics 2012' we thought that it would be a good idea to invite a real Olympian into our school and class. We asked David Roberts CBE if he would be kind enough to join us for a question and answer session and we were delighted when he oblidged.
David joined us today and the children asked some questions that they had planned and some that were quite spontaneous (a list of which follows). I would like to thank David for being such a great sport and spending his valueable time with us in class. The children were thrilled that they had a chance to meet an Olympic medalist and also got to hold a real gold medal!

The questions that we asked David Roberts CBE
Have you got a medal?
How did you get a medal?
Did your teacher give you a medal?
Which Olympics have you been to?
How did you do?
Can you swim fast?
How fast?
Can you swim underwater?
What do you eat?
Is your medal shiny?
Is your medal gold?
Can you do a roly poly?
Which country are you from?
Can you run really fast?
Can you jump very far?
Do you have to train?
How long have you been training for the Olympics?
When do you train?
Are you strong?
Do you have a girlfriend?
Have you met the Queen?
What is the Queen's house like?
Where do you live?
What do you wear when you are swimming?
Do you get medals everyday?
Do you win everytime?

The children thought of all of these questions (and a few others) themselves. I think that they did a wonderful job of interviewing David! Da iawn pawb a diolch yn fawr iawn David.

Having a look at a gold medal!

Trying on a gold medal!

We asked plenty of probing questions.

*I hope to add a podcast of some of the interview within the next few days*

Llanharan Primary Olympics

A big 'Well done' to all of the children who competed in our annual sports day. We were very fortunate with the weather as it was warm enough to enjoy ourselves but cloudy enough to avoid too much sun and of course no rain. It was wonderful to see so many families and friends of the school at the event. We were lucky enough to have a real Olympian at the event and also an official torch bearer with her torch. It was really exciting!

Here we are beginning our opening ceremony procession.

                                   We had great seats! Right next to the track!

Ty Gwyn were the winners this year. Here are the house captains raising the trophy.

Monday, 26 March 2012

(Not so) Ugly Bug Ball

We held our Ugly Bug Ball on Friday afternoon but there wasn't a single ugly bug in sight. The children were all far to beautiful to be ugly bugs! They looked wonderful! Thank you so much to the lovely parents who made such a fantastic effort. We had a really special, enjoyable day. We spent the morning perfecting our mini beast masks, playing games and taking part in guided reading sessions. The children were all incredibly excited by the afternoon. 

When it was time for the Ugly Bug Ball we all made our way to the hall where we were joined by Mr. Roberts Year 4/5/6 class. I would like to thank Mr. Roberts class for the wonderful bug stories that they wrote and read for us in custom made story tents. The children in Nursery and Reception love to spend time with the older children in the school and it was wonderful to watch all of the children working together so well. So, THANK YOU YEAR 4/5/6 and Mr Roberts! 

As well as listening to stories we also found time for face painting, some bug themed games and an Ugly Bug Parade. The whole school, including Mrs Price came to watch our parade. The children will soon be able to bring their masks home, they can't wait!

We also held our class assembly today on the topic of mini beasts. The children had only had a few practices of the assembly and I thought that they presented it very well indeed. I am very proud of all of the children, each one of them joined in with songs, poems, dances and acting - no mean feat for 3-5 year olds, especially in front of a whole hall full of people. What a fantastic class I have!

The recent events draw our topic of 'Wriggle and Crawl' to an end. I look forward to starting our new topic 'Happiness' after Easter.

Thanks for reading the blog!
Miss Rose

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

We Are Poets!

We have been very busy young people today in Nursery and Reception at Llanharan Primary School. We wrote a class poem together all about mini beasts! We also wrote our own individual efforts which describe our favourite bug. Miss Rose suggested that it would be nice to share our class poem with our parents and the world via our blog. So here it is...

By  Nursery and Reception Class

Bugs have rainbow coloured spots,
Bugs drink sparkling nectar from fabulous flowers,
Bugs live in a tickly spiders's tummy,
Bugs taste delicious, mmm,
Bugs are twirly and swirly,
We love bugs!

Thank you for taking the time to read our poem. I hope to broadcast it as a podcast within the next few days. We will also be presenting the poem as part of our end of topic class assembly. I think that it is a rather wonderful piece of writing produced by our class of 3,4 and 5 year olds. Well done everyone, bendigedig! What do you think of our poem and blog? Please leave your comments and thoughts, diolch!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Useful links

A few parents asked for me to repost some links for ebooks and phonics guidance. They can all be found at